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Ministry of Information and Communication Technology

How to participate?
Individuals/Companies who wish to participate in the ICT Excellence Award 2013 should follow the instructions below:
Prospective nominees should send a write-up proposal outlining why they deserve the respective Award. In your entry, please ensure you address the following:
Ÿ  Objectives:
-          What are the practical applications of your product/service?
Ÿ  Innovation:
-          How has the product/service been innovative?
Ÿ  Impact to Customers:
-          How have the product/service impacted and benefited users (internal and external), organisations and the community?
-          What problems did it resolve?


Participants should submit their write-ups of not more than 1,000 words outlining the above three requirements to show evidence on how excellence has been achieved. Supporting documents may also be attached to enhance your submission.
Each nominee should in addition to the above, submit an explanatory note in not more than 500 words per award, as to why the organisation/ individual deserves the specific award.
General Notice
Applications should be submitted on the following email address: not later than 16:00 hrs (instead of 14:00hrs) on Tuesday 26 November, 2013.
Additional information may be obtained by sending a mail request to
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology
29 October, 2013